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Lisbon is the Capital City, as well as the most important one in Portugal.

There are hundreds of things and places to see and visit in Lisbon, some being hidden between the narrow streets of the city center, so the best thing to do is to venture in to these streets and find them. Filled with ancient History and a contemporary life style, Lisbon combines in a perfect mixture between the old and the new.

Going down through Chiado and Bairro Alto you will find some of the most modern restaurants and bars in Lisbon. During the day the streets are filled with people walking through museums, designer stores, art galleries, cafes or little markets that sell gourmet products. From Downton to the Marquês de Pombal Square you will see a diferent Lisbon. With beautiful theaters, train stations cafes and large squares to walk through. Walk to Belem to see the majestic Jerónimos Monastery, the famous Tower of Belem and the many museums that surround it. Don’t forget to try the world famous Pasteis de Belem.

The city of Oporto grows over the hills that surround the river Douro’s estuary and forms an urban landscape built on a 1000 years history. In which the city’s diversity in architecture and religion witnessed the road through a Historical Center that goes back to Roman, Medieval, Renascence, Baroque and Neoclassic times. Built on roughed lands, in a beautiful and organic mixture of the streets and houses with the river, the Historical Center has a panoramic view like no other place; with views of monuments such as the Sé Patriarcal, the Santa Clara Church or the Stock Exchange Building. Classified has World Heritage since 1996 the Historical Center of Oporto holds a great monument and landscape richness, and captivates the diversity of  urban conception solutions of the Occidental Europe, Atlantic and Mediterranean cities since the medieval times until the modern era.


A country with 900 years of History to discover.

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